Kids. Incorporated.

It's official folks.

We're a thing.

Currently a thing in North Carolina, but soon ot be a thing in Massachusetts and then a thing on the internet in your living room and then, right after that, we're going to be a thing on your wall at your house.

Wait for it.



Met up with another printer in Somerville. As if I weren't excited/inspired before, this really got me thinking.

So much good stuff can be done. My brain's a twirling.



I gaze down from the summit of a quarter of a century, living in the Kingdom of the Yankee, all the accumulated losses and guilts and shames and rages, the loves come and gone, and death, ravenous death, ....long dead, buried under a mimosa on the hill in our cemetery far away, and I am caught ever so briefly in a frieze of old time, skinny and tall and seventeen, and the senior year stretching before me as a Lewis Carroll dream, beckoning; “Come Lad.” 
Willie Morris from Always Stand In Against the Curve

Tough call.

 I'm lying. It wasn't tough. It was, however, confusing listening to the lawyers talk about all the stuff they know about, like I should know about it, and I just nodded (unnoticed) and 'Um-hum'ed and if all goes well, we'll be incorporated in the state of North Carolina by the week's end. This stuff moves quickly when it gets going. Momentum, man.

Rock rock.


When we blow up and are huge and need a press kit for those things people need press kits for, for blog presence or motivational speeches or elementary school presentations or Nobel prize winning acceptance speeches, we're going to use these pictures, that our lovely friend Fotojenik shot.



Monday I'm going to talk with a letterpress guy, to figure some things out.

Fingers crossed. 

Giving it the Old Try.


I miss the South. But I'm not going to move back there. Not now. Maybe later.

And I wanted to find a way to stay connected and to stay true even if I've turned my back on the South in terms of moving elsewhere.

We are going to start something. It's going to be big. It's going to be Southern and it's going to be real and it's going to go. And I reckon as soon as we make it official, like telling folks we are starting something, we kinda have to start.

Stay tuned. We'll give you info as soon as we get rolling.