Love me some.

Just the yellow to go.


The sun also rises.

Some amazing sunshine this morning coming in the office as I sip coffee and plot the next batch of prints.

Mornings like this make your thank the Lord for all blessings, big & small.


Teaser Spot

 Some stills from our upcoming short. Shot by our friend Phil.


And I Quote

“Looked at one way, it’s a place of grace and faith that has purged most of it’s old sins while maintaining most of its old virtues, a place that for all its bloody past and the ambiguities and unresolved issues of the present offers the nation’s best blueprint for racial peace. Looked at another way, it’s a Potemkin Village of mirrors and trap doors, where old inequities are cloaked in new forms, a chameleon South changed only on the surface, now pumping poisons into new veins, a place where even in the most neutered suburbs, what was still lives, beating insistently away like Poe’s telltale heart."

- Pete Applebome, Dixie Rising


Tubes & Cards.

It was about 92° when the delivery man brought us 324 pounds of tubes. No joke. That much. On a few palettes. Shrink wrapped like in the movies.
I then offered him a cup of water, cause Mama raised boys with manners.

So, basement. Lots of cardboard.

Then this night I went to Repeat Press to get our cards that were hot off the press. M. Whitson? Yeah, that means you can use one card for a Micah and another for a Marianna.

Just like that.


First sale.

Picked up the first batch of 5 designs. So I have 500 to sale.

I'd sold the first Georgia flag to a friend who was helping me on some Old Try administrative stuff.

So, at this point, we have money in our bank that we earned with the sweat of our brow, and a poster en route to a wall.

I thought about framing the first dollar I earned of my first sale, but since it's Paypal, that would look kinda lame.

First one to give me cash might end up in a frame on our wall.

Three cheers.


Office bits.

We got mailing labels, letterhead, envelopes that will be individually handstamped and a big ole fat To Dixie With Love stamp.

Only one more thing to get: Business cards.

Of course, they are being letterpressed by one of the finest printers in Boston.

Glass all full.

Now the yellows have been run.

Little bit of trivia for you: the greys and yellows were both sampled from confederate soldier uniforms.

And here's two colors of the Georgia print.


Storage wars.

Did we go to Ikea yesterday? Yes. Did we pack out the car with wood? Yes. Did we spend the lion's share of the night screwing screws into cheap wood? Yes. 
And now we have storage for 26 prints and poster tubes. So. The Moral of the story? 

If you and your spouse can make it through a day and night of Ikea, you can do anything.