Hunker down, now.

Batten the hatches. It's going to be windy.

Best to you and yours. Stay safe.


Until we find a better way.

This is what our morning look like.

Tubes packed, in  bag, headed to the post.

Each packed by human hands, walked by human feet, processed by a less than beaming postal worker.


Shirt off my back.

We got in a buttery soft t-shirt from our friends at Fallen Arrows in Atlanta last week. Those boys make magic in that hot summer sun.

I don't even know if buttery is the right word. Airlight? Barelyfelt? Hardlypresent?

At any rate, we need to know if anyone else would dig a shirt. So, what you guys think?

Would a To Dixie With Love (modeled after our shipping stamp) shirt for $20 be something that you
 could get behind? Er, into? 


It takes a village.

We spent the weekend in Akron at a friend from South Carolina's wedding. And since it had some Southerners around, you can certainly rest assured there was love and hugs and moonshine.

That was great. The only thing that was a little bit tricky was, thanks to an awesome Designsponge writeup, we had a bunch of orders roll in that we couldn't deal with until we got home a little while ago.

We were a little worried that it was going to be out of control, but that's when good folks came to the rescue. Our friends J____ and S____ and their little one (all from ATL) came over, as well as T____ and A____ (MD & MA).

We have Blue Ribbon barbecue, drained a few beers, and packed some tubes. If you ordered one, keep an eye out, we should have them all shipped by mid week.

Here's to great friends who lend a hand when you most need it.


We're learning.

We got an email from a friend a few weeks back about our Mississippi print.

Then today there was some healthy debate about it on Designsponge.com.

Marianna and I thought about it some more, and we decided to pull the print because of the bad vibes it brought along.

There's nothing to be ashamed about in terms of starting a conversation, but we just don't want to start a fight. That isn't why we are doing this.

You can read our response below that we posted on their blog.

"Hi friends-

This is Micah of Old Try. 

Let me be the first one to say that the Stars and bars, the confederate battle flag in and of itself, has offended me from day one of my birth. 

I grew up to learn to value each person for their worth and not to care about their skin color. Jesus doesn't value one person over another. Nor do I.

And that is one of the reasons I don't live in the South now. I am seeking to discover other parts of the country and to see how people live together. And at least in the South folks will discuss it, because of all we have to deal with.

I moved to Mississippi for college and was utterly amazed that the stars and bars was on their state flag. I still am, and I will applaud the day they choose to change it.

But it is their current flag. And as you'll see in our Alabama and Georgia prints, we are using their current state flags as well. Do I disagree with a symbol in their flag? Yes. Do I think reprinting their flag in its current iteration with their state motto is condoning hateful acts? I do not.

This won't be the spark that causes the state to change their flag design. Even if I wish it were.

I am merely printing one print that features a current state flag so that the people of Mississippi can have something to hang on their walls to remember where they are from. Could I have chosen a different symbol? I could have, and the next iteration of the state motto will feature something else. We plan to evolve and alter our prints with each edition.

This edition features a flag.

A flag that the state of Mississippi has chosen for themselves. 

But you know what? While this discussion is worth having, upsetting folks is not what I want Old Try to be about. The reason we started this is so we didn't only see Confederate flags representing our past.

We're going to pull the version of the state flag. And we're going to print something else. And we're going to hug each of you around your necks when we see you.

I thank you all for having this discussion."


The first of many.


Not necessarily drinks. Although... drinks?

We had a great first day:

2,500 page views, a shoutout or two from folks we don't know: Martha Stalwart & Jessica Michie, fifteen sales or so, and tons of nice friends giving us love on Facebook.

And now, curling up with a nice bourbon (from some really good distillers in New York state) and thinking of how amazing each of you are.

We're humbled.




A work in progress thanks to our amazing friends at Gigantic Squid in Seattle. But from North Carolina.

Transcontinental high fives headed their way, to cut through the mist.