It takes a village.

We spent the weekend in Akron at a friend from South Carolina's wedding. And since it had some Southerners around, you can certainly rest assured there was love and hugs and moonshine.

That was great. The only thing that was a little bit tricky was, thanks to an awesome Designsponge writeup, we had a bunch of orders roll in that we couldn't deal with until we got home a little while ago.

We were a little worried that it was going to be out of control, but that's when good folks came to the rescue. Our friends J____ and S____ and their little one (all from ATL) came over, as well as T____ and A____ (MD & MA).

We have Blue Ribbon barbecue, drained a few beers, and packed some tubes. If you ordered one, keep an eye out, we should have them all shipped by mid week.

Here's to great friends who lend a hand when you most need it.


  1. congrats guys! the designsponge article was awesome. you're like famous!

    i am game if you ever need help tube packing. ;)

  2. I can't tell you how impressed I was to see you on D*S. Huzzah! And ditto on the tube packing assistance offer!