We have a friend here in Boston who I'd worked with on some projects for the Boston Faith and Justice Network.

Well, when we starting selling wares a few months ago, my friend got real excited and then got in touch with about everyone he knows. And one of those people he knows is Bridget of Tales of Me and the Husband.

Oh. Man. You've go to go read her blog. She has a really amazing story. Heartbreaking and redeeming all at once. So, so good.

At any rate, she's a kind soul who offered to let us sponsor her blog one month. And that sposorship includes giving away a free print.

So, to recap: Kind soul. FREE PRINT.

Go read her blog. Give her hits (get her over a million, she's dang close). Enter her contest on the, I dunno, 18th of October, and win yourself a free Old Try print. Yeah. Do it.

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