How you like them apples?

We got up early. Because we hear that is what catches the worm.

We drove to Harvard, MA, because you have to get miles out of here to avoid crowds. We in New England have an insane love affair with anything involving manual labor. That love affair stops when we are the ones having to actually do any of the labor. But watching it, fine. (See: maple syrup making, cranberry bogging.) Self picking apples for 5 times the going rate of paying someone else to do it? We're for that.

Seeing as how there was snow on the ground (and 6 inches of it falling tonight), nobody was out. It was 36°. That will keep the kiddies away. Seeing as how it was end of the season, and all the trees had been picked over, nobody was out. That will keep the parents away. We held up long enough to pick a peck. It was more like an Easter egg hunt. Finding anything that hadn't frozen and wasn't on the ground and that was calling us take heart I know it's cold but I've been out here all night.

Cold. Colder. Dreaming of cider and praising our get-upidness, we drove back through the oranges and yellows and clouds.


At Home in Georgia.

From Aunt Grits in Georgia via Twitter: "Should have done this weeks ago, finally taking my print to have it framed."

She's getting the prize for most timely harvest picture.

Shirt day.

Thanks to our $5 off last week, as well as some folks who clearly are jonesing for a new tee, we shipped a big ol' batch of shirts out from Atlanta yesterday.

Keep and eye out.

At Home in Laurel.

Couple of prints in one fine study. Laurel, Mississippi.




I remember their shells, clinging to trees once they'd shed. Pulling them off, their legs preserved - their backs split - from the dogwood in our backyard. Although, I think the dogwood was more of a mutt.

Anne Marie remembers them, too. They cling to her memory much like they did to the tree in the rear of N. Madison. Because even though she is from Dallas, it turns out she spent summers in my hometown of Athens. That's how her store, Cicada, got it's name. And 13 years ago she opened up.

And a few months back, she opened up Cicada Mens.

And I'd be lying if I'd say it isn't one of the finer men's stores I've been to in a while. I'd put it up there with Stag in Austin. Same kind of deal - a low pressure, well-curated spot serving up some goods that are real close to my heart. They have Billy Reid (Florence, AL) and Jack Black (the founder is a former Ole Miss golfer). They have taxidermied animals. They have a shoe wall that's as cool as Jay-Z's III.

And they have bourbon. Black Maple Hill. Which when you sip on, you get to talking, and you realize that you know the same people and you've been to the same places and you talk barbecue and you meet her daddy who grewup in Athens and just happned to be walking by outside as you were talking and you realize that maybe you should chat with folks more, and get to know their story, too, cause you might just realize you are closer than you thought.


The leaves, they are a changing.

Winter wants to knock, I can tell it in the clouds. And the weather lady mentioned that it might snow a bit on Thursday.

But in the meantime, we're going to enjoy our blazes of New England foliage.

I mean, we still got five football games and an SEC championship and turkey to eat and family to entertain and if it weren't for Irene we'd have a heck of a lot more leaves to look at, but a lot of the trees they already gave up and they decided it wasn't worth it and they gave up their beauty (not willingly, I can tell you, I heard them crying in the gusts) and it's now underfoot and a lot of it is brown but there are some yellows and some oranges and some blindingly beautiful reds.

Let's hold onto this while we can.

Let's not yet light a fire.

Let's not give up on the boys on the field - they might be 2-5, but they can still end up with a winning season.

But let's go ahead and turn in the polo shirts and turn the quilts (did last night) and turn on the heat (did this night) and let us enjoy this season the Lord has made. 


At Home in Durham.

Now hanging on the wall of a guy who was winning way before Mr. Sheen.

Winning at Business - Some'a the best writing you'll see for anything. Anywhere. Period.



We're finally selling both Tennessee & South Carolina.

We shot these up the hill from us at a friend's house. They were so sweet to let us come in and shoot despite the fact that a) their kitchen is being redone, so their house is in a state of total chaos and b) that one of them is rowing in the Head of the Charles Regatta as we speak, right this minute.

Big thanks to them. And to you. And to the play calling today of Tyrone Nix.

Here's to a big day of football.

Hand Rolled.

I bet you are sitting at home, on any given Sunday, wondering what it would look like if you were to pack up and ship some prints South.

Wonder no more, my friend. I took it on myself to shoot a few steps of our process of our little cottage industry on Sunday when I was packing up some.

Our posters are all hand picked, rolled (with our biscuit roller, which means we got to get another one [this one was made in Vermont {of course we're keeping it domestic}]), labeled, invoices hand stamped, hand posted, hand sealed, hand delivered.

And we mark down where each one is going. So in the future we can look back and go Dang we did a lot of work. 


Roll tide roll.


What's in a motto?

A brilliant project.

Dan Cassaro has curated a project called 50 and 50 in which designers from different states illustrate their respective mottos.

It's been up for a while, slowly growing. But now they have prints for sale and I'm a sucker for anything with some history behind it. Must find room in the office. 


Give it away give it away give it away now.

You are cheap? Yes. Me too.

You like free? Yes, as well.

You will shamelessly enter a contest to win a free print from us? I would, but I own them all.

Head over to Tales of me and the Husband and enter to win the first ever free Old Try Print Spectacular.

You've got till Friday. Odds of winning at this moment are great.

Help us Tweet it. Facebook it. +1 it. (Knowing, of course, that all those decisions will undermine your odds and diminish your chance of winnning...)

Best of luck.


Two new.

South Carolina and Tennessee, get ready. 

Coming next week, once we get them all embossed and photographed for the site.

I think these are two of our finest yet.

At Home in Lexington.

Taken by what appears to be a camera phone on what appears to be a perfectly pleasant morning in Massachusetts.


Em Eye Crooked Letter.

In Oxford for the Ole Miss / Bama game with friends from all over. Two who flew in from San Francisco and NYC who haven't done this deepa' South.

More to follow in the coming weeks. Hotty Toddy.