Every time we  drive down from Raleigh to see Marianna's family in Wilmington, we stop in Warsaw. And not just because Warsaw is such an awesome name, no sir.

We stop because we are beckoned by barbecue. Smithfield barbecue, to be exact.

Where all the Warsawians and weary travelers gather to share hush puppies (NC style, in Bama they are shaped like golf balls), and sweettea and swap stories about this and that. The ladies who take your order also bring out your food and walk around giving folks who need no more calories more tea cause that's just what you do you ain't sposed to judge.

And while nobody is asking for my opinion and I'm not supposed to judge, I just cannot stand their new futuristic logo. It looks like Blade Runner meets graphics for a local document shredding franchise. Their sign out front and their food are oh so right so why you got to go changing your logo?

So long as they don't get to changing the meat, we'll be all right.

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  1. Quite possibly the worst rebranding effort I have ever seen. Even worse than the Blimpie debacle from a few years back.

    Believe it or not, we stop at the same Smithfield's nearly every time we visit Wilmington.