We go to an amazing church. With amazing people.

Our church is called Reunion and for the last several years, we've gone through Advent Conspiracy.

Very simply, Advent Conspiracy all about taking back Christmas from unbridled consumerism and loving folks, giving relationally, worshiping Jesus, and spending less on cheap plastic gifts and giving more away to those who need it.

One of the stats they talk about blows my mind. Americans spend $450 billion on Christmas every year.  To provide clean water it only costs only $10 billion. Just a small drop of the crap we buy could really save lives.

Well, this year we are extra super excited because we've teamed up with Reunion and printed up a thousand Christmas Cards, and $3 from the sale of every card is going to dig wells in the developing world. We're going to sell them on our site for $22 for a 5 pack of them. And $15 of that is going to dig.

The X on the front in place of Christ is there for a reason. This card, this season, will raise money to help eradicate thirst, make people less susceptible to droughts and help prevent disease from the lack of clean water. Christ can do a lot, and we can, too. 

Special thanks to Albertine Press for their hard work under a quick deadline and getting these all done and out in time to make a big difference in a few communities.

Let's make a difference this Christmas. What say you?

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