Getting our Bearings.


Wow. We made it on Bearings Guide.

Oh, you happen to not know what Bearings is? Well, just the finest curation of what all is going on in the South, specifically tailored to the Southern gentlemen. Just the biggest deal since an internet connection.  Started by two men (at least one of whom is a Tar Heel) with great taste and a passion for others with that same taste.

No Big Deal.

From their words, which I think sum it up pretty good:

The South’s distinctive culture is built on hospitality and grace, making it like no other community we know. While we love exploring other parts of the world, this is home and always will be.

We’re two southern men who are passionate about exploring our city and connecting others to it. Like you, we want to draw out the elements of our culture that will make us wiser, more creative, adventurous, productive and fulfilled men.

We’re here to enhance your southern lifestyle—to help you gain your bearings.

We are flattered.

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