A Voice in The Dark.

Several years ago I saw a guy open for MuteMath at Smith's Olde bar in Atlanta.

He was good. Real good. And nobody in the bar was listening to him. So he started freestyling. Starting calling out folks. The room grew quite. The heads turned. He had their ears and he certainly had mine. And the night of his first sellout of the House Of Blues in Boston a few weeks ago, he had a lot more.

His name is Mat Kearney. From Oregon. Lives in Nashville. Plays real honest music. It's starting to get a bit poppy, but what are you going to do? Man's got to sell records.

But I think he's best when he's unplugged and he's with his guitar and he's speaking truths.

I surprised Marianna and took her to see him in Chicago four years ago. And the other night, we got a surprising note from him ourselves.

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