Bowties & Boatshoes.

I grew up in the Deep South. Marianna in the Old North State in the South. And the upper East coast has always seemed worlds away. Indeed, it's probably a fifteen hour drive from North Alabama, and is North of the District, and might as well be Boston. And I didn't ever think I'd know folks there.

But there are a couple of nice fellows there (Ryan [UGA] and Ben [someplace in Florida]) with whom we've become friends. They blog as Bowties and Boatshoes and have a fine tie shop called Starboard Clothing Co. The have a keen eye for that style and for things that would appeal to the well-heeled East Coasters, and we're just excited that they think the things we make could run in those same circles.

Give them a second of your day. Or a place on your RSS feed. They are good guys who deserve 'em.


  1. You have all these fantastic links to blogs regarding style from the southern gentleman's perspective. Any suggestions for blogs from the southern lady's perspective? Thanks so much!

  2. Holly, I don't have much for the ladies. I would say go over the Back Down South's Tumblr. http://tumbledownsouth.tumblr.com/ She's got some great links out to ladies stuff there. Thanks for reading.