The Great Frame Up

One thing that I think is funny is when a site has a FAQ section. Mainly cause those questions get real specific and I can't imagine that they are questions that are frequently asked. "Hey, I live in a maximum security prison in Arizona, can you ship your blades to me?" C'mon, that was asked more than once? Doubtful.

But I will tell you, the Q that we get FA'ed is, "Where do you reckon I should get some frames? Since these are an odd size, and the harvest wasn't good this year and I don't have unlimited money to get a custom job done."

So we took it upon ourselves to research it for y'all. Keep reading...

First up, most of the prints on white (without a color field in the background) can be fit into a 12x18 mat. You can find all kinds of frames with a pre-cut 12x18 at Michael's or Hobby Lobby or whatever else you got nearby. Course, I say that never having been, but I've gotten emails from folks telling me they went. So that's all on them.

All the frames on this post are from Craig Frames and came from eBay. There's a direct correlation between the frame cost and the quality of the wood. All these come at 13x20 which should fit your print about perfectly, but the paper is about 1/8 of an inch too long on the 20" side, so you'll have to trim it a bit. But then they drop in there real nicely. And these all come with acrylic rather than glass, which, you know, whatever. It's all about the same. All these frame cost between $30-$45.

First up, the Manners print above is in this frame, my least favorite of the lot. Doesn't have much heft to it, but doesn't overpower the print with the frame.

The Line is framed up in this guy. As far as the frame goes, I really like this one. It kind of forms a perceived mat with the shape of the frame. Were I framing this print, I'd go with a mat to have a consistent border around the edge, but you didn't ask my opinion.

Oxford Cheer is living in this one. The 2.5" is a bit heavy for the print itself, so I'd probably go with a mat on this one and then buy a bigger frame to fit the mat. But, the texture of the wood is really nice and make it feel pretty rustic.


Old/New South is in this frame. I dig the way this guy raises the print up off the wall. The wood is wrapped in some black vinyl deal which gives off a bit of a strange texture on the frame, but why would you be looking at the frame when you could be looking at the print?

Love me some this frame. It's simple, a little roughed up. I think it fits the prints rather well.


I thought I'd hate this one. But I don't hate it. A bit understated, actually, despite the beading or whatever that is called. It's a super option.

My grandmother would probably opt for this one. But that's cause my grandmother has taste and while this was the most expensive one we got, by a long shot, it ain't bad. Not my cup of tea, but it really does class up the joint a bit.


And then there's this guy. It's beat up and matte finish and I think it's a real good one. It's a stained wood which means there's no vinyl wrap that's gonna peel off.

So that's what we got in black. If you want to see everything eBay is rocking, here're 167 results. Go bananas. Just get this guy up on a wall so you can stare at it daily.

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  1. I just purchased a frame from Michael's for my Wabbaseka print. I actually found a 13x19 frame on sale for $22. I just had to trim about a half inch off the top and bottom. Measure it, draw a line on the back, use an exacto or razorblade to trim it.