One heck of a holday gift guide.

Flat Slim Wallet $120 // Subscription to Garden and Gun Magazine or Oxford American $17 // Soft Cove Wool Vest $225 // Mustache Tie Clip $35 // Birdseye Wool Tie $70 // Silver Lab $1500 // Manhattan Whiskey $45 // Orvis Wool Ball Cap $14 // Dog Mustache Ball Toy $16 // M.H. Bertucci A-15 Series Watch $80 // Old Try “To Dixie with Love” T-shirt $20 // Jack Spade Bag $295 // Hawkins McGill Felt Buck Shoe $78 // Trunk Club custom clothing box varies from $75-$500 a Garment // Squirles Holdell Large Tote $1000

Yeah yeah. We're sharing cause we are on this gift guide put together over at Georgia-James.com by her hubby.

But there are some really great things on there that are in our house (the Hudson) on our persons (the tie clip) and in our drawers (TDWL shirt, about 5 of them). And Marianna really wants that pup there.

So we thought we'd share over on here, too.

Thanks James family. You guys got some great taste.

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