Garden & Gun.

Eight months ago, when we started Old Try, I said to Marianna “Well, if we get into Garden & Gun, we must be doing something right.”

As of this windy Saturday morning, we're on the top left of the homepage.

Now, I think this is a great opportunity to look towards the heavens, point skyward, then slap my chest while I scream aloud.

Because, you see, I actually accomplished a goal. 

It wasn't without the help of a thousand other folks talking about us, it wasn't without the kind soul from G&G who made the phone call, it wasn't without divine intervention nor without our printer nor without the support of a loving wife or without giving up mornings and evenings before my day job nor without the shame and pride of being a Southerner living outside of the Southland.

But I don't set goals, most of the time. If I don't set them, I can't fail at them. And if I don't fail, I'm still a winner. I'll get a participatory ribbon and I get to hang that in my bedroom and I get to look at it and think of, well, nothing. Cause without setting what failure would be or what success would look like, we just don't have a compass. A guide. Arbitrary as those might be.

So, I set myself a benchmark. In my head, but I told a few others. And at 1:05 on Thursday, I was able to confirm that we're headed in the right direction.

Now the fun really begins.

Read the writeup here. Very special thanks to Sr. Editor Jessica Mischner and the rest of those folks at G&G.


  1. I doubt I'm the only one who emailed the folks at G and G the second I saw (and bought) my first Old Try, but I'm happy to have been part of the campaign. Congratulations! Ya'll keep em straight up there.
    Chuck from SC

  2. cheers! the perfect place for y'all