Lexington Green

It's Patriots Day!

Which doesn't mean much to your Southerners. So, I'm reposting my Patriots Day experience of a couple of years ago for y'all. Hope you enjoy. Oh, and if you really want to know what the day is about, something more specific than its-the-day-after-Paul-Revere's-ride give a read over here.

April 19, 1775. 3:32am
British troops leave Boston. March towards Lexington.

April 19, 2010. 3:36am
Micah dreams of a walrus.

April 19, 1775. 5:45am
British troops are within a half mile of the Lexington Green.

April 19, 2010. 5:54am
Micah can't, can't find parking. Thinks the Revolutionary War would have been much different had the Brits been looking for parking instead of rabble rousing.

April 19, 1775. 6:02am
A hawk cuts the silence.

April 19, 2010. 6:02am
Some kid on a ladder, who is blocking my view, and his thirteen brothers and sisters, all on their own ladders, are Chatty Kathys and cut the silence.

April 19, 1775. 6:04am
Shots ring out. Minutemen fall. Ebenezer Locke shivers.

April 19, 2010. 6:04am
Shots ring out. Minutemen fall. Micah shivers.

April 19, 1775. 6:23am
The skirmish is over for now. Minutemen are set back. British move on to Concord.

April 19, 2010. 6:25am
The battle through the crowd has begun. Micah think about coming earlier next year. Maybe 3am would be a better time to show up and assure a decent view.

April 19, 1775. 6:54am
No record available.

April 19, 2010. 6:25am
Micah drinks coffee and looks out at the trees blooming in the back yard. Thinks there's no better day for a reenactment, a Sox game, a marathon.

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