Taste of Bullitt County

The most exciting thing about being in business is being able to help folks out who are, in turn, trying to help out others.

The Bullitt County Foundation for Excellence in Public Education is one of those groups who are just trying to help. Their mission is simple:

To provide enhanced learning opportunities, through donations, for the education of all students of Bullitt County public schools.

In this era of budget cuts, where education is getting cast aside so that businesses can get more breaks, it's great to find people who've a heart for other's well-being.

So, when the guys at BCFEPA (prolly not an acronym I should be able to easily pronounce) reached out and asked if we'd help with their silent auction, to raise money for eduction, we were more than happy to.

If you happen to be around next weekend, grab you a ticket or two or a table and toast to good. Raise some funds. Bid on some Old Try prints (by now they're bound to be flattened out). And help those Kentuckians help out their children.

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