Back when I was in Atlanta, in March, I got a call. From a nice lady named Marla. Marla, turns out, is the editor of a magazine called @Urban in Northwest Arkansas. A magazine, turns out, is a pretty great place to tell a story.

You know why? Cause When someone is writing for a living, they take their time. They write, then edit, then write, then cut, then marinate, then write, then cut. They turn phrases and hope in turn that you'll turn pages. They stress over the word. Because. It matters.

So we talked for a bit. Maybe half hour. Had a ball.

We haven't really had much of a piece written on us before. We've done an interview, once or twice. But those folks didn't take what we told them and build something else, something better, out of it. I was pleased as punch to read about us. To see a story I knew, heck, a story I told, told better than I did it myself.

Go give it a read if you got the time. I think it's spectacular. And I think Marla and @Urban, are, too.


  1. Ah! I read the whole article and enjoyed every bit of it. Y'all have a good thing going here and I want you to know that. I appreciate how you said in the article that you believe if you have a good product, people will advertise for you. I love that and wholeheartedly agree.

  2. I love @Urban and the article about you is absolutely inspiring. Today I find out you have a blog. Awesome. Keep up the great work.