At Home In Chapel Hill.

Got an email from this nice lady who lives in NC. She's married, and one of them are from Alabama and the other from N. Carolina. They are moving up to Boston.

Sounds like our story. Pretty much exactly is.

The Mrs. said she had that same vase there growing up. And we share artwork.

Small world.


And the gold medal winner is...

We had an Olympic Opening Ceremonies party. And we tasked our friends to bring something in one of the colors of the Olympic rings.

Knowledge alert: the five ring colors represent the five continents of the 1912 Olympics and were first used at the 1920 Olympics. 

The winners blew us away with the most amazing visual representation I've seen.

1 part Bugle.
1 part Cheese Wiz.

Unhealthy? You bet ya. Clever? Shoot yeah.

You got 13 more days to make em, before you have to wait at least two years. I suggest stealing this idea and looking like the hero. And eating only one. 


What we're looking at now.

Pimm Cups and cups of Bud. Let the games begin.



By Phillip Hey  

here’s a man knows what he’s going to shoot
knows how knows when and a little bit why
you better get it right, it’s a fortyfour
it knocks a man down like a sharp axe

now he moves easy down the empty street
now stops, feeling the wind a little,
testing; watching the shadows; watching
that other man as he moves;
draws up; stands alone and tall

It explodes the heart
the horses shy, the music takes up



Clearly, we're fans of the United States. And big fans of sport. Heck, if there's two things you should know about us, it's that. (And we're fans of Jesus, puppies, bourbon and each other...)

So, howabout this?

20% off the closest thing we have to an American Flag print (Free Republic) until the broadcast of the Opening Ceremonies. That's tomorrow night. At 7:30est. Which you better be watching if you care a thing about this grand old country of ours.

Enter the code "TeamUSA" at checkout, and you'll save $8. How easy is that? Easier than scoring a ticket to synchronized swimming, I betcha.


What we're looking at now.

Oh, hey Texas.

At Home in Yuba City.

Here's Summer in the prune capital of the World: lovely Yuba City, California.

Clearly, someone in Yuba knows how to pick a good color palette.


What we're looking at now.

Off to Broadway with my love @mini629 to see Newsies. She's been waiting twenty years for it.

What we're looking at now.

I just want to read Wolfe's The Web and The Rock.



I haven't wikied Microburst, so I have no idea of what it actually is. Maybe a baby tornado? A grown up gust?

Whatever the case, Arlington had one last night. We were meeting a writer for dinner. He was late. Texted. There's flooding. Minutes pass.


At Home In Winnipeg.

These four've made it up cross the US / Canada Border. Thankfully I filled out the customs form correctly.


What we're looking at now.

Meringue in Medford thanks to @mikhailglabets and @eringlabby. Scotch on deck.


Land Vs. Ocean

They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they can see nothing but sea.
 - Sir Francis Bacon

There's something going on in Jackson, Mississippi. I'm not sure what it is, a creative collective or a business model or what, but it doesn't matter because it is real and it is beautiful and it is there.

It's Called Land Vs. Ocean and it has been manifest by my friend Sanders Bohlke and a partner, Mr. Adair, of Kalalou.

More to come when I know more about it. But right now, I'm just speechless. This is beauty.


At Home In Nobleboro.

Matted up in fine manner and on the wall of a Mainer who is not only a prolific chef, but a farmer as well.

Give him a look up if you make it as far north as Nobleboro.

What we're looking at now.

Running tonight to support Horizons For Homeless Children. Sweat ain't nothing if you don't have a home. @hhctweets


New England Berry Picking

At this point I figure we've run the gamut. We've been apple picking in Connecticut. Pumpkin picking in Maine. Cranberry picking in Massachusetts. But the thing we hadn't done until a few days ago was berry pick.

But a trip to Connors Farm in Danvers (Danvahs) helped us check that off the list.

Now, I don't know much about the economics of berry picking of the blue and rasp variety, but if you factor in the labor that it takes to get those fellows off the bushes it is well, well worth the $5 a pint that they charge in the grocery store. I mean, I bet it took us 45 minutes to find enough berries to fill up 3 pints, and another 20 to find raspberries that were ripe enough to pull off the vine.

Factor in my refusal to wear sunscreen, the hour in the field is something we're more than happy to pay the heartier souls for. For it's their hands and effort that make my granola a little sweeter. And I reckon this is a thank you to them. You guys bust it out there. And we appreciate it.




My buddy James Fox from 10 Engines brought in Aaron Draplin a few weeks ago to the Somerville Public Library. Draplin had been in town for the How Design Conference, and had extented his stay to bum around New England and speak to a sweaty room of 67 talented folks on the 28th of June.

I've not been so inspired in a long time.


What we're looking at now.

Picking our own berries in Danvers. Some buckle is on the menu tonight.


What we're looking at now.

Just wait'll you see this one. Hint: Lowcountry.

Sixth 4th

I'm not going to say we're lifers, but this is our sixth 4th of July in Boston.

There's no place better to feel the promise of America and what those men did all those years ago than right here in the Cradle of Democracy.


At Home in Erie.

I'm not even sure where Erie Colorado is.

But, to be fair, most folks wouldn't know where Athens, AL is, and I think it's one of the five most important cities in the US. So, I guess it's a wash. But we'll give it to the fine gentleman who shared this 2nd edition General Manners No. 1 and a cardboard deer.