I haven't wikied Microburst, so I have no idea of what it actually is. Maybe a baby tornado? A grown up gust?

Whatever the case, Arlington had one last night. We were meeting a writer for dinner. He was late. Texted. There's flooding. Minutes pass.

We get a call. "Hey Micah. I'm not entirely sure I can even make it over there. Traffic was diverted off of Mass. Ave. The they took us off of Broadway. I think I'm now driving towards Medford. Go ahead and order, I'll be there if I can make it."

Traffic diverted from Mass. Ave? Holy moly. There's no way it could be that bad I think. Police cars,  fire trucks pass.

Eventually he arrives. Orders a large beer. Lots of stress on a Wednesday evening. This morning, from the pictures, I can see why.

More looks at the storm here.


  1. Oh man did we get lucky then! We were driving back from Philly in the storm but it felt like it was all around us but never really on us. From the looks of this I have only one thing to say, "Thank God".