Ole Miss / Texas Pinterest Giveaway.

Guys and gals: Can I tell you how much I wish I was in Oxford this weekend? I'm talking a heck ton.

This is one of those weekends that will go into the books. We haven't played Texas in 47 years. That is forever ago. We're an underdog against No. 14 riding an unbelievable feeling right now: a two game winning streak. It ain't much, but it is something. And while this won't be the biggest game ever to come to Oxford (c'mon Gameday), it sure has the trappings of one.

And, of course, we're stuck up here in New England, tuning in at 9:15 East Coast time on our local ESPN to shout loud enough for all the souls down in Lafayette to hear it.

But, you know what we can do? We can have a Pinterest giveaway. Why not? It'll give us all time to get pumped up together. 


To enter is simple, you've got three options: 

1) Follow us on Pinterest. (Right here)
2) Repin our Eyes of Texas print (from this link here)
3) Repin our Hotty Toddy print (from here)

One entry per avenue. 

We'll drop the winner a message after we've recovered from a late night Saturday night. And you will win a print based on where we picked you from (Hotty Toddy, Eyes of Texas, or just Old Try).

That's it. Easy as. 

Y'all have a good time in the Grove, and welcome to Oxford from this Rebel up here in the hinterlands. 

Hotty Toddy! 


  1. Love your work so much! I will be in the Grove thinking of you and cheering with all my heart at the game... Hotty Toddy!

  2. We'll eat some City Grocery and drink some whiskey for you. Hook 'em! \m/

  3. I'll be in Atlanta wishing I was in Oxford! Hotty Toddy!!

  4. Hell Yeah! Damn Right! Im in a house divided. We have been waiting for Ole Miss vs Texas since the day we met. I have faith in my Rebs. Keep up the stellar work.

  5. I love it. HOTTY TODDY!! I live in Memphis but can't make it and I am so sad about that.