What we're looking at now.

Come rain, come snow, come sleet, come 'canes. Got prints that gotta go out. #ramblings


Carolina Bound.

We're flying down for some family, friends, and hopefully not too wet football.

"Sandy, don't do anything that you'll regret. I won't let you forget it. Don't be Andrew."

Next stop: South.


At Home in Greenville

"Love our Old Try print - she feels right at home here in Greenville, SC!"

PS: I spy an oversized lollipop!


Chickening Out.

Sometimes fun things pop up in the digital world. Like a photo on Instagram, in which you've been tagged. And then you see it, and you go ‘What on earth is happening?’

So you ask about it, and you are told from the author that there is a chicken cooking contest in ATL sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery and your print, your print, is a stand in for a tray to take the chicken to the judges, cause a tray never materialized and you got some smart chefs who are making lemonade out of lemons.

And then you are just so tickled to see that your print if getting of the walls and into peoples' lives. Albeit at times, in beautifully strange ways.

Three cheers to the Hotty Toddy Twins and their Mississippi Mancatchers.


Everybody's From Somewhere.

The thing I always wanted growing up was to belong. To be from someplace. Someplace folks knew and folks were jealous of and someplace that would make me proud.

And the thing is, as I've moved from place to place, looking for where it is that I will feel at home, I realize that it is one place and it is many places and it is all over that makes me who I am.

There's nothing wrong with being born and raised and still living in and eventually going to die at the same place. There's nothing wrong with getting out there and seeing how the rest of the world lives and just rolling and gathering no moss.

As a way of coming to terms with that, we've launched a pretty comprehensive collection of shirts called Everybody's From Somewhere.

The shirts are made in LA, designed with scans of Massachusetts letterpress type, and printed in Atlanta  by the hands of Southerners. They fit a little slim, as do most all American Apparel shirts. They are a blend of cotton and rayon and polyester. They feel soft and they are heather and they are emblazoned with the place you're from. Or the place were you live. And if we are missing your home, let us know. We'll start offering it.

Cause we're all from somewhere. And there's no shame in that.

If you'd like to see if we've got one for where your from, go here.


What we're looking at now.

"Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life." - Mark Twain #ramblings


At Home in Sanford

These Dinner & prints have a lovely new home in a North Carolina breakfast nook. 

The house was built in the '40s, so they added some tin ceiling tiles to spice things up.  Nice wall color, too!


What we're looking at now.

Forty hours into the work week. No business like show business. #ramblings #hollywood

Wet Plate.

National Geographic had an amazing pictorial series from Richard Barnes in a recent issue. 

He shoots Civil War reenactments with old methods, coming up with something that just about blew my mind as I was sitting in the dentist office looking at it.

In other news, no cavities.


Old Try for High Cotton.

I've written about meeting the folks at High Cotton last year at a football game in Oxford.

Well, since then, we've been in touch and have tried a couple of different things. And now, for all of you guys, we got something that we're stoked about.

We designed a shirt for them.


Land Vs Ocean

We're blessed to have really talented friends.

A few posts back, I'd gushed about the fellows at Land Vs Ocean. And, back on October 4th, we were in Jackson hanging out with them and having one heck of a night with Art In The Age, Jesse from Colour Revolt, Kishi Bashi and about 150 of Jackson's finest folks.



Dixie Delights wrote up a post on us about a month back and it was the sweetest writeup we've seen. She sure makes us feel like we are doing something that counts.

You can give it a read over here.

You should get over there one way or another. Talk about prolific. I think I saw 251 posts on these from this year. I kinda feel the need to step it up over here a bit.


2 minute drill.

Beautifully shot piece of Patrick Willis.

Nothing much else to say about my favorite former Rebel linebacker.


What we're looking at now.

Weathering the weather. Oxford in the rain still beats anyplace else in the sun. #hottytoddy #instablog


Glebe Road.

There's a good looking dog and a few words about us but more importantly a dog that matches our Line print over at Glebe Road.

If I were you, I'd go give him a look.


What we're looking at now.

Packing for a trip to Oxford involves a lot of America. Red and blue, baby! #hottytoddy #instablog

About to be in High Cotton.

Real soon we're going to show y'all something we've done with the guys at High Cotton. Stay tuned.

What we're looking at now.

Word is that moths like yellow. So we've made a molasses / vinegar trap they won't be able to ignore. #instablog