The Academy.

I spent a week in Long Beach, CA in October for my day job. 14 hours a day, 7 days in a row. I did very little outside of work. Hardly saw the sun, while I was reading about fabulous autumn weather back East.

But, I did get out to a store around the corner from my hotel called The Academy. I was blown away. It's a little, simple place. They make things there. What they don't make in their store they make in their LA factory. I got some trousers ($48, are you kidding me? USA made for 48?), a chambray shirt ($42) and a madras tie ($48). For something just north of $150, I got an outfit, made by a guy, in a shop, in California.

They even make $140 jeans that come with a lifetime warranty. A bit steep, but I figure if they keep making stuff as well as they are, they'll be around that long to let you cash in the warranty.

I left so inspired and wanted to share them with you. You might not live out in the LBC, but if you get there, you should swing by and tell the fellows hello.


  1. Thanks Micah for the information on this place. I'll be heading down to Long Beach this weekend for work and will definitely stop by. This place looks great. Thanks again, hope all is well.

    1. You'll dig it. Small, but dang. Really sweet. Also hit up Congregation. Great beer bar a few blocks away.

  2. How do I live in Long Beach and not know about this place??
    My husband is going to be so excited when I tell him about it.
    Those ties.....
    Thanks for the info about my home town.