Thank You, Dr. King.


  1. What about an Old Try print or two focused on King? Too often we forget that King was a Southerner.

    And as a Southerner, I am proud to claim him as a True Southern Hero.

    1. Carter, I do like where you head is. I'm proud to claim him, too.

      I saw a thing yesterday with Cornell West, talking about how Obama using King's Bible at the swearing in rubbed him wrong. That is, that what King found for and accomplished is bigger than an interesting byline in a ceremony, and shouldn't be treated as a passing, light moment. That if we accept it as a thing as big as it is, it trumps politics and sound bites and all'a that.

      I'm afraid of two things. A, that a print wouldn't be able to sum up the hugeness of his accomplishments. And B, that I wouldn't want to personally profit via something so elemental as a man fighting for the hearts and souls and lives of people all over this big green world.

      I think figuring out a King print is above my pay grade. So I will respect him from a distance and not get my commerce tied into his works. Because I don't want to do a disservice to him and those like him fighting for justice the world over.

    2. Micah, I totally get it. Not too long after I posted this comment I saw the same clip of Dr. West and in a lot of ways, agree with what he had to say.

      I totally understand your reservations and respect them, despite my deep desire to see what y'all would come up with.

      Keep on putting out great art and design that shows people that there is some "duality" to this "Southern thing."