Sweet Cupping Cakes.

Got the heads up that Johnny Cupcakes will be at the Somerville Public Library in a week and a half.

Being put on by the good folks at Friends of the SPL (10engines being one of the closest friends) and sporting a rad letter pressed invite by none other than Mr. Epstein at Union Press.

If she weren't at 4pm on a school day, I'd make it over myself. But if any of y'all reading this are college-age (read: flex scheduled and idealistic) and want to know how to rock the game, get on over. It'll be well worth it for the first 60. The second sixty are going to be bummed out they missed it.


What we're looking at now.

Yesterday we turned off the computers and took to the hills. #ramblings

Hog wild.

Not sure what I was doing when I came across this gem, but I'm sure glad I was wandering around the internet aimlessly at the right time.

Nicknames of the states. As told by hogs of course, courtesy of H.W. Hill & Co. out of Decatur Illinois.

Just beautiful.


Fortnight ~ April 19, 2013

Latest and Greatest
Two new prints are in the shop.  First, one for our friends in Oklahoma - OK46.
We teamed up with Union Press on our Patriots Day print. All profits will be donated to help those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing this week. We are heartsick for our city, but hopeful that we can help in some small way. We're taking pre-orders and we'll ship as soon as they've been printed.

We're teaming up with WM Lamb & Son again to bring some manners to your closet. These t's are available only through their website and come in both youth and adult sizes.

Around the Corner
If you want to see our prints in person, check out our latest partners down south - Biscuit Home (Houston, TX) and The Farmhouse Tupelo (MS). Both shops have some really neat wares, so swing on by.

At home in College Station, TX

Very Pinteresting
I am enthusiastically looking toward spring, but this just looked so cozy, I couldn't resist.

Friday Quote


Patriot's Day

Yesterday we were handed an awful blow in our adopted city. Families here are hurting, and we want to be good neighbors.

So we're teaming up with Union Press to make our very first New England print. It's based on the first flag of New England. Cause when you live in Boston, you realize how close all of the Northeast really as. As goes Boston, so goes New England.

All profits will go to help the families of those impacted by the events of Patriot's Day, 2013. We'll be donating to this cause.

Tell your friends. Help out our community. Cause we in Boston are broken-hearted today.

You can pre-order these prints now. We'll print them up in the next couple of weeks, so please allow a few weeks for delivery.




I stumbled on this the other day. “An honest portrayal of Mississippi. A search for diversity within a state that has otherwise gone unnoticed.” Made by three (I presume) Missippi film makers: Greg Gandy, Vincent Chaney, & Lauren Cioffi.

Looking forward to seeing more after watching the beautifully shot trailer.

Visit the subSippi page here.


Nuit Blanche

This is beautiful.

I'm going to have to say what's on my mind, though, and that is this is what I think a collaboration between Zales and Sigur Ros would look like. Do with it what you will.



Took a year and a half, but we've now got up a print for Oklahoma. We've called it OK46 and you can find it here.

She's a recreation of the first flag of Oklahoma. A flag that flew from 1911 until 1925. Taken down cause we Americans started getting a little worried about the Russians and communism and thought that anything red would turn our children into bad people, I guess.

The flag was red. Partially cause the stars and strips was red, but moreso because the name of the state comes from the Choctaw okla humma meaning, you guessed it, red people.

Well, I figured my great-grandparents, Florence and Jess, who were red people (Cherokee) living in Oklahoma, might've had a soft spot for the flag of their young adult lives. They've both passed over the last decade, which is a shame. I'd love to've gotten their opinion on the 46 flag.

So there you have it. A flag for Oklahoma from us. Hope y'all like it.



At Home in Edwardsburg

Some prints that made it all the way to Edwardsburg, Michigan.

"The Grand Old Party even has a nice little double meaning since it's above the staircase leading downstairs to where we've hosted a few grand old parties."


Big Supporter.

This is where it starts. You get a shirt for someone running for office. You kick back some love. They get elected. They get a building named after them, you get a bench in the lobby named after you. And the world remembers you both always.

Now, I'm not sure if that actually has ever happened, but I could see it being a movie. One in which the lead character is played by Big Ben. I've not met Mr. Big, but from the picture I've seen, he's a tall jug of water. I bet he's 6'4", and would play great on screen. Got a badass truck. Heart of a teacher. Tact of a pastor. Beard of a viking.

At any rate, I don't know what I'm talking about. But we've got a fan down in Laurel, Mississippi who was inspired by our simplicity and make his campaign stuff look great and had his wife print up some cards (cause she does it beautifully right here) and he made some shirts and I will be rocking mine until well past the Ward 5 election day.

Go here and read all about him and the platform and get you a shirt and support your local big.