We took to their store.

I'd read about We Took To The Woods a few months back. When I saw the pictures of it, I was stunned.

First, I thought about leaving civilization, moving to live in a cabin that was styled the same. Then, I started thinking about how we should move to Greenville and open up shop cause apparently there are folks with insanely great taste and I betcha rent is better there than it is in Massachusetts. And after both of those thoughts I thought, "Wait a sec, dude. You're going to drive through G'ville right around Christmas. Why don't you just stop by there? And see if they will offer to let you live there?"

Which is just what we did.

Went in, chatted a bit with Denise. Stared like mad at every single price tag because, get this, they are all individually coffee stained and left to dry outside (maybe even in the woods). So each one looks like it was pulled from a movie set and there are about six handsome variations of logos floating around on em (!), and the place smelled like the danged forest, but a forest that was smell-directed by someone from Sydney Hale and Lord of the Rings coming together to figure out what, indeed, the very finest forest cabin of ever smells like, and it smells like that.

My only regret was not being able to buy anything other than a pound of Stumptown coffee to take to our hosts in Atlanta. Their vintage wares are unbelievably curated and fair priced, but I just couldn't fit a crystal decanter in my carryon. This time.

But you, my friend, you should stop by on your next Southern roadtrip. Leave room in the back. You'll fill it. And if you can capture the smell of that place, I will pay you to drive it up to me. Handsomely.

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  1. Your paragraph about the smell had me laughing out loud. And I am definitely swooning over those tags.