Fortnight ~ May 31, 2013

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We teamed up with Cyrus Buffum down at Charleston Waterkeeper on a print for the organization.  It comes in 5 versions - Drink, Eat, Fish, Surf, and Swim. For every print sold, $10 is donated to Charleston Waterkeeper. You can read more about the team-up on our blog.

And, it's back...
Rocky Top prints, fresh off the press - 4th Edition.

Thank You!
We were horrified, as I'm sure you all were, at the devastation left behind in Oklahoma after tornados swept though Moore and surrounding areas. With your help via t-shirt purchases last week, we were able to donate $250 to the Salvation Army Oklahoma Tornado Relief fund. So thank you kindly.

Kind Words
A couple months back, Boston Magazine reached out to us and asked for an interview.  We obliged, entertaining their questions and posing for a photo, and this month, you'll see us in their pages.  We are so excited they found us!

We send 10% of our Man of Letters print sales to Mississippi schools (via Donors Choose).  As a thanks, we get awesome art!

Two prints at home in Boston
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Modern Day Hemingway

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At Home in Stamford.

Two prints at a friend's house in Stamford, CT.  Love the laundry room wallpaper, and the Snakes and Snails is perfect for a family with two little boys!


Memorial Day.

We live in a great country. Served by men and women with a sense of duty and purpose. Folks who set out to protect us all and folks who never return. I've got two brothers myself in the Navy, out there keeping watch. The follow in the footsteps of my dad and grandfather.
While we're grilling out or at the beach house with no cares in the world this weekend, let's remember those souls out there who are far from home and comfort who are seeing to it we can celebrate with no cares.

And to those who don't return, you're not forgotten. Not on our watch. 


What we're looking at now.

A little Rocky Top action today. 4th edition getting embossed and ready to roll. #ramblings


Keep on keeping on.

Back in August, while we were in Charleston, we got an email from a guy named Cyrus who liked our stuff. Wanted to meet up for coffee, just to say hi – cause that's what Southerners do. So we did. We met.

It was there that I found out Cyrus was from the Cape. A Massachusetts man, born and raised, now living in Charleston. And not just living there. But making a heck of a difference. You see, before Mr. Buffum got fed up with it, the Charleston Harbor (and rivers in the watershed, like the Stono, Wando, Cooper, Ashley) was not patrolled. Not protected. Nobody was seeing to it that the public had access to swimmable, drinkable, fishable water.

Like any man who is worth his weight, Cyrus couldn't just stand by. So he created the Charleston Waterkeeper. And through that, Cyrus has become a powerful force for good in the South. On this earth. For others.

When I was back down in Charleston in April, Cyrus and I got together over a legendary dinner at the Ordinary (just one place benefitting from seafood coming from protected waters) and talked about all that was happening. A bunch of things, of course, but the big deal was The Waterball, a fundraiser for the Waterkeeper.

Of course I couldn't keep from trying to help a man who is helping others, so we decided to make a print. A print that went on sale last Friday night at Charleston's best looking, most connected night for good.

We've got them up on our site now. $10 from each sale goes to help the good guys. Grab a print, protect Charleston Water. Cause it all flows out of there and into our oceans and into our lives. Whether we like it or not. Which is why guys like Cyrus, guys who are part of the solution, inspire me to no end.

Available right here.


Urban Development.

What do Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z, Ireland's National Rugby Team and Old Try all have in common?

Well, for the next few days, we're all hanging out together on UrbanDaddy's Perks page. Which is kinda like us having a virtual back stage pass, chatting with the Irish kids and harmonizing with JT and HOVA.

Okay, fine, it's nothing like that. But we did get a call from UrbanDaddy, who I've subscribed to for the last several years to get the news of what's new and hot in Boston. And they wanted us to hop in an offer a perk to their readers, in which I'm a member in fine standing.

For the next two weeks, subscribers to UrbanDaddy (cough cough: subscribe) can get $60 worth of Old Try for $40. So, why don't you hop on there, grab a credit if there are any left, and get to saving cash. While you're at it, if you want to grab me a ticket to the Fenway show of Timberlake and Tennessee Kids, well, I'll reward you handsomely.

And I'll give our favorite Mouseketeer a Rocky Top print. To remind him of home.


Fortnight ~ May 17, 2013

Latest and Greatest
Two new additions to the shop.  C.Hill in honor of a favorite NC town and something for you Texans - Come And Take It.

Kind Words
Zavvi wanted some Boston recommends, so we obliged

A Little Something Extra
We're doing the design work for a great music festival called Revival, coming to Birmingham, AL this August.

Some of our wares at Redo Home and Design.

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An amazing photo from the Garden and Gun archives

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If you haven't heard the Great Gatsby soundtrack yet, I'd check it out!


The making of Patriots' Day.

Our printer, Eli, was so kind as to grab a few shots of the making of Patriots's Day three weeks ago. This, my friends, is how the magic happens.


Vines and lawns.

A little live(ish) action from yesterday's outing at the Crane Estate on Castle Hill thanks to Vine. Still trying to figure out how/why to use it, but this makes me think there's something cool to it.


Fortnight ~ May 3, 2013

Latest and Greatest
We've got a new print for you that should apply to at least 7 states, Barns.

We've also added some new t-shirts to our Somewhere line.  Some additional text options, but also a few graphics to change things up a bit.  From top left - NOLA WaterRocky Top No. 2,  Washington, South TexasZavala, and The District No. 2

Behind the Scenes
Some photos of Patriot's Day in progress, courtesy of our printer, Union Press.

At home in Louisville, KY

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A little something we found, created by H.W. Hill & Co.

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In honor of the Derby,