Seven Days.

In one week, we'll be on this Charlotte porch pregaming Ole Miss / Bama. Meantime, we got a whole heck of a lot to get done. Enjoy college ball this Saturday.


What we're looking at now.

It's all fun and games until the art comes down. #southbound #ramblings


Make Good No. 3

Make Good No. 3 is hitting the streets today. Head over and give her a look, and if she isn't gone yet, get you a one of a kind print. She'll look great as these leaves start changing.


Crafted By Southern Hands.

A few glimpses of the event we did with The Open Press down at Warehouse Row in Chattanooga. Thanks for coming out, y'all. We had a ball. 

Oh, and that print will be for sale on our site in a month or so. We've got to give the early adopters a few weeks with it before all the rest of y'all. Got to be an advantage for the folks who drove all the way to Chattanooga, right? 





By E. B. White

At eight of a hot morning, the cicada speaks his first
piece. He says of the world: heat. At eleven of the same day,
still singing, he has not changed his note but enlarged his
theme. He says of the morning: love. In the sultry middle of the
afternoon, when the sadness of love and of heat has shaken him,
his symphonic soul goes into the great movement and he says:
death. But the thing isn't over. After supper he weaves heat,
love, death into a final stanza, subtler and less brassy than the
Others. He has one last heroic monosyllable at his command.
Life, he says, reminiscing. Life.


What we're looking at now.

Going to miss the hell out of this place. #boston #ramblings

Crown Town, Baby!

In honor of our new home city, we're making a print. Left or right, QC? 

Hit me up at micah@theoldtry.com with your pick. 


What we're looking at now.

What it lacks in location it certainly makes up for in square footage. #newengland #ramblings


High Brow Brew

We were given the heads up last week that while in Nashville, we should swing by High Brow Coffee in Franklin, TN. A nice person dropped us a line and let us know we could get down there and see our prints hanging.

Well, we didn't make it. I was a little hoarse after the Ole Miss game and Scott's 75 yard TD run that sealed the deal.

But I did just pop onto the High Brow site to see an absolutely gorgeous build out that feels so great and warm and inviting, and well, I'll be danged, there are some of our prints.

Gonna suggest you swing by there. I can't speak from experience, but if they make teas and sweets and coffees anything like they make spaces then you are in for a treat. 


Make Good No. 2

Our second installment of Make Good went up this morning. She's your best chance to get you a one of a kind print. Lots of colors. Lots of words. Lots of a lot of stuff.

Check it out here.