Happy Halloween

And like that, fall has arrived in North Carolina. Have a great night tonight, ghouls.


Make Good No. 5

This morning we got up another one of our Make Goods. Make Goods are the proofs our printer uses to align colors, type, images, and whatever other kinds of registration he's got to do up in the shop in Massachusetts. He then fires the one off designs to us, and we share them with the world.

So, if you like this one, get it. There'll never be another one like it, ever.

Make Good No. 5


District Twelve.

Henry River Mill made yarn. Fine North Carolina yarn. Made that fine North Carolina yarn for sixty years until it didn't any more. The mill closed. The people moved. The village stayed.

She stayed there, not complete, not destroyed, just waiting for something. Maybe that something was Wade Shepard, the 83 year-old who bought the whole damn town. Maybe that something was a casting scout working on finding a scene for Hunger Games. A film that used Henry River Mill Village as District 12. Maybe that something is something else. Maybe an industrial devolution. Maybe just a good flood.

Whatever the case, there she sits, just West of Hickory, silently waiting.


What we're looking at now.

Just a lil huddle session with @mini629 and Bee Dubs at Kenan. #ramblings



Last time the Sox were here, we were new to Boston. Young. Excited. Unmarried.

Six years later, we find ourselves in a totally different place. Charlotte. Wed. Expecting.

But we drank that Dirty Water, and we'll never be the same.

Best of luck, boys. Bring it home. Again.

At Home in Destin.

An Old Try wall to greet clients at this Destin, FL office.


Two Penguins.

Before we left Boston, I was lucky enough to get to see my buddy Dan Fickle of Two Penguins – a film and photography studio based out of NYC and PDX.

What I thought was going to be some drinks (which there were, eventually) turned into a field trip to the Charlestown Navy Yard, where Fickle broke out the strobes and made my picture a few times. I feel honored to enter his portfolio.

Some more of his good works below.


What we're looking at now.

Magnolia Bowl tonight. Heart is fully in it with my Rebels to upset LSU. #ramblings #wintheday #hottytoddy

The Halfway Point.

Half empty.

Today we start the second part of the football season. After a real good looking 3-0 start, with wins over an SEC and Big XII team on the road, the Rebs have dropped a few tough ones. I guess you'd expect it when playing #1 on the road, and the nation's first freshman Heisman winner when his team is ranked top ten.

The road doesn't get much easier with the Bayou Bengals rolling into Oxford tonight.

If there was a game that we need to win to get momentum back on track, I reckon it's this one.

Here's wishing the Rebels a great second half of the season.

Half full, boys. Half full.


Hide Your Hooch

Hannah B. Slaughter teaches us all an important lesson over on the DIY Network site. Namely, how to hide the Hooch when grandma comes over. Now, I wouldn't suggesting hiding your light or that fine looking Rocky Top print, but depending on your GM's church attendance and general disposition, hiding the booze might not be a bad idea.


What we're looking at now.

I got the black lung, Pop. Reed Gold Mine, Midland, NC, 1799. #ramblings


Make Good No. 4

The 4th in our ongoing series of Make Goods is available today. Got some Dinner &, What Folks are Made Of, True North, Love Me Some Jesus and a print we did for Revival in it.

See her here.


Tales of Olde

We've got some good friends in Boston. They've got a band named Tales of Olde. And they are worth the listen.

We know Lucas and the gang through church. And we just consider ourselves so fortunate to've praised the King of Universe with dudes this dang talented.

They are working on an EP now I think. Though, I have been known to give out faulty information a time or two, so the truth might be they are working on working on an EP. At any rate, here's a tasty treat they've just come out with.

And that shirt up top, well, that's an Old Try original done for our friends. Pick you up one and hug Lucas if you get to a show.


Return to Oz.

Just this morning I found out about the Land of Oz up in Beech Mountain, NC, which is now an abandoned theme park. It was open for just a decade and closed in 1980. The bricks have grown over and vandals have made off with the Emerald City.

But once a year (this weekend, people!) they open the gates and let folks wander through.

I bet that is great for forty year olds to get their fix of nostalgia, which I need none of, cause this place closed before I was even born. But I'm just having a heck of a day reading about it and digging through old archival photographs of the place. It's so perfect in the Return to Oz kind of way.

Southern roadside Americana at it's best.