What we're looking at now.

Had a great run down Magnolia Street past the fountain of youth. #ramblings


What we're looking at now.

Exploring St Augustine. #ramblings

Give thanks.

Hug your mom extra. Tell Pops you love him. Toss a ball with that boy of yours. Grab a second helping.

We are so blessed to live in the country we do, with the freedoms we enjoy. We're thankful for every bit of it. For family. Work. Locally televised college ball.

We're thankful for y'all, too.


The Old Biscuit

You've prolly seen me gushing on social media about Alabama Biscuit. That's cause my buddy started it and I design all the packaging and shirts and logo and all of that. It's fun. Gets me out of the poster space and now into the real space. Like making vinyl window decals.

Well, I was stoked to see some of their biscuit mix pop up in Alabama Chanin up in Florence. And then a bunch of their mugs and things on the picturegrams.

That's really it. Just seeing some of your design babies out in the wild is pretty fun.


Make Good No. 6

The latest Make Good in our ongoing series is now available. Only one made. Ever. And this one is quite beautiful with all the colors going on.

Grab it if you like right here. 


All in a huff


We were (still are) flattered to be featured on the Huffington Post the other week. We are in there with some heavy hitters of the Southern Decor scene, and we couldn't be more thankful that Pamela of Sweet Peach fame decided to include us.

You can see the list of Top 15 Home Decor Trendsetters From The South here. 

Not a bad list from which to start looking for Christmas gifts, either.


What we're looking at now.

$100 don't buy what it used to. #ramblings

Sweet Mountain Home.

We got a new print up just in time for the colder fall weather. A new take on Blue Skies and an ode to two of our favorite things on the planet: an old flannel shirt and a mountain house. Reminds me of fall in Alabama. Reminds the wife of trips to the grandparent's cabin up in the mountains of NC.

Grab you one here.



Meet me at the Jubilee

We're really excited that Garden & Gun Magazine invited us to be a part of the upcoming Jubilee. The Jubilee is a celebration of all kinds of things South, with some top notch chefs, personalities, makers + movers + shakers.

She's December 6-8th in Charleston, and our prints will be up in the Southern marketplace. We'll be milling about on the 7th, so if you see us, say hi. Love to meet you.

And man, if this post title doesn't remind me of a local commercial in Oxford for an old bar called Jubilee. That place was my jam. She's in a better place now.


At Home in Baton Rouge.

This Parishes print found its home in a Louisiana Cypress frame down in Baton Rouge, LA.


To Dixie With Love

When we started a business, I had to learn patience. Well, I dunno if I learned it, but I've for sure had to acquire some. Just cause some things, things that should take a minute, end up taking far more than you'd ever expect.

Like this hat that we are selling now. We started trying to source a made in USA just over a year ago. Yup, that's right. This hat here took longer than it does to get a human baby on the earth.

Speaking of human babies, we're having one in three months. Which is why we're now selling some Onesies and Kids' tees. Both of those are made in the USA, too. And they didn't take but about a month to figure out.

So, there you go. Outfit the whole family if you like. But don't wear them all at the same time. You don't want to look like that elderly couple at Opryland (bless their hearts).

Onesie here.
Kids' Tee here.
Cap here.


What we're looking at now.

Hold on to your, er, hats are coming next week. #ramblings #todixiewithlove