We're having a baby. Any day now. Maybe even today. (Dunno, I've got robots that publish these things, so if we actually are having a baby today, trust that I'm not live-blogging from the hospital.)

And in having a baby, I started thinking about being a young 'un, with four brothers under five (before my younger sister came along), and a single mom who was trying to keep the whole house running.

Which is how I came to Ritual. A celebration of the same thing, every night, week in and week out. A way to raise boys who get under your skin while under your roof, but who move away and leave that old house empty. Boys who grow up to be men with kids of their own, who realize there was something special about that ritual that happened every night. Winter or summer, the lights went out even if the sun didn't.

I hope to make it the same way with out little guy / gal.

Ritual. Get it right here. 

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