Going to bat -or- On the ball.

Just in time for Opening Day, I was able to finally get my hands on a bat from Mitchell Bat Co. The Beantown. Honestly, I need it for a little bit of therapy. Opening Day in Boston is crisp and inspiring and remarkable on a bunch of levels (Jet flyovers! Day drinking!) and for the first time in seven years we're not there for it. Which is a little tough, but that's life, friends. We move on to new places and new stages.

Back to the bat. She is a beaut. The attention to detail is really quite impressive, and you couldn't ask to order from a finer fella than Jeremy down in Nashville.

And while the Red Sox may not win it all, I pretty much feel like I have.

Play ball.


At Home in Charlotte.

Our Charleston Water print at home in the Queen City. Full disclosure, this one has shown up on the blog elsewhere, but in a different spot in their house. I think she's singing better on this baller wallpaper.



We've been buzzing (ahem) about this one for some time. A new colorway up to celebrate the hometown favorites who will be back next year.

What we're looking at now.

Buck heads in Buckhead. Finishing touches at the #39x43. #ramblings


Spring forward.

Warmer days are just ahead, friends. And this March 20 feels a lot warmer to us than those in New England. So let's toast to the season and let's toast to this guy, who sent in a snap of his Sierra Nevada (well clothed) on the Pamlico Sound last summer. Cheers.



We'll be in Atlanta in three days. I do hope you come out to say hi.

All the details and more can be found right here.


Trask Master.

So, the other day I had a rough one. Just things to do with being a new dad in a new city. I get home, and on the porch is a package from Trask. 'Hum,' i think 'I didn't order anything from Trask.'

But my name is on the package. And I know of Trask. I remembered a business professor back at Ole Miss talking about the brand. I think he spent like twenty minutes in Montana once, and he wanted to talk about this rugged Western thing and I started daydreaming about basketball or lunch or something so I can't remember how his story ended. But I figure I must do my American duty and open that bad boy up because my name is on the box and I need to make up for not listening to Dr. Whatshisname. 

And yup, I was right. I didn't order a pair. But those guys must love Old Try, cause they sent us a pair, gratis. And since they sent mens in my size, well, I got them and my poor wife was left wanting.

Cause these guys, called the Gulch, are pretty sharp looking. They have some nice details, like the welt stitching on the bottom in that pop of red. And the ankle protector thing. I thought they might look a little dowdy from the top, cause of the thicker sole, but they don't make my feet look like I'm going to build a house. But rather the guy who would have the house built for me. In Montana.

The interior leather is friggin buttery soft. I always get a little bent out of shape when shoes are made in China (though Trask has a line of ones made in the good ole USA) but they must've gone to the fancy part of China, where the leather was tanned by angels.

The whole tonal thing is a bit much for my liking, but I'ma head over the Johnston & Murphy and pick up some neon laces to preach these fellas up, and we'll be good.

Despite them feeling really good and appearing to be well made (oh and the sole is soft, so I'm not clomping through the house), I have a tough time in my brain justifying the price point if I were to be buying this pair in particular. But if their American Made line is built anything like these, I think they'd be a good investment for just under five bills. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some laces for which to shop. 

A toast for St. Patrick's Day.

May neighbours respect you,
Trouble neglect you,
The angels protect you,
And heaven accept you.


What we're looking at now.

Top of the morning to you. Old Tops will be back in stock next week. #ramblings



We've got a new print up. This time, we're taking it to the West coast to represent for our friends from the South who are living on the left.

Here's to home, wherever that might be.

See Eureka! here. 


At Home in Mt. Pleasant.

One of our Charleston Waterkeeper collaboration prints making its home in a Mt. Pleasant, SC nursery. Love the fishy mobile, too!


39 X 43

A Pop Up popped up and we're gonna pop down cause we're down.

From March 22-23, we'll be hanging around the Shops Around Lenox for the 39 X 43 Pop Up.

With folks like Billy Reid, Oakleaf & Acorn, Brick + Mortar and Andover Trask, it'll be a weekend for the ages. We're stoked to be in such fine'a company.

Maybe even better than our last one, which involved pyrotechnics, swilling champagne from the bottle and knife throwing.

Mark your calendars, party people. Hope to see y'all in ATL.


Three Cheers for cheers!

A nice little shout out last month from the Legend of the Carolinas, Cheerwine.