Work Socks. Play Socks.

The thing I love (one of them) about Old Try is the customers we get. Cause they are all over the board: from other small business owner's to celebs to soccer coaches for the little grunts. So, we'd messed up some guy's order and he got in touch and we fixed it up and then he said “Say, my father in law and I have a sock company if you'd ever like to do anything.”

Well of course I want to make some socks cause I think that would be just the coolest thing. So we partnered up with Dapper Classics out of Kentucky to make some socks at a North Carolina factory that is family owned and have been cranking them out for generations. Super limited run. Just 24 of each pair. Called Work & Play. Featuring our logo for the work and whiskey bottles for the play. 

They wrote up a little something on the collab that you can read here. And if you'd like to head over and grab some socks for Father's Day, there are a few pairs here.

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