Shooting the breeze.

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes has evidently found the best shirt for skeet shooting. And we sell it here. (Though that specific color is exclusive to Omar + Elise out of Lexington.)


At Home in Naples

One handsome looking Sawgrass & Sky that made it home to Florida.

Check shirt, tie bar, a mat for days and reclaimed wood? Winning all around.

Bonus points if that's old cypress reclaimed from an old fishing pier.


Made South

Excited that Made South tossed us in their second shipment of goodies. Based on some Instagram action, it looks like they've left Nashville and made it out into the wild.

If you aren't a subscriber, maybe you should be. And if you aren't, but you dig that pennant, grab you one right here.


What I know.

Today we head into Father's Day weekend. This is the first time I get to celebrate it as a pops. I wrote something about that over on Jeans & Tie.

Give it a read.


One week to go.

This weekend is Father's Day. And our friend at The Love List put together a collection of great gifts for your pops. She mentioned us, which is great, but you can't buy those pencils. They are a special for folks on the guest list. But the rest of that stuff is spot on. And if you haven't had Angles Envy yet, cop a bottle this weekend. It's good stuff.

Link // Rad Dad Take 2