Is that a Jack O Lantern with Jack Daniel's face? Why yes. Yes it is. 

Happy Halloween you guys. 


Bring the Playoff.

The selection committee has spoken, and if the season were to end today, the teams for the first year of the Playoffs are Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Florida State and Auburn.

I didn't expect to see my Rebs in there after that tough road loss to LSU, but good Lord, we play in a tough tough division. If you need any proof, see above: half the teams in the West are in the Top Five.

So, let's all enjoy this while it lasts. There's still a bunch of the season left to play.


That School Down South

It took us three years 'cause of that Ole Miss connection, but we finally caved and made a print for Mississippi Staters. Success in Starkville in turn is success for the state of Mississippi, and we are glad they are doing big things and getting the other half of the state fired up. #hailstate

Until the Egg Bowl, at which point we hope they all get stuck in the mud and end up having to forfeit. Or that they show up and get embarrassed by TSUN's Landshark D.

See Clanga Here.


Magnolia Bowl.

In case you're wondering, you can find me yellin' at the tv here in about seven hours.


At Home in Maine.

Some of our favorite bloggers, Map & Menu, are repping a Hark! print up in Portland. And a well read Ramses.


# - hash

Stepping up our tag game. Now we don't have to hand stamp each one. Time that we can use for other things. Like holding cold ones and / or babies. 


What we're looking at now.

75 Dodge Ramcharger just acting like it's normal to be hanging by the Common. #ramblings


No. 3

Ole Miss is up to #3 for the first time since the 60s heydays. In honor of that, Ole Miss Pix put Dr. Bo Wallace in some fresh new (old) threads.

Me and Bo are gonna bring this whole thing throw-back sweater game forward.