Snow Days.

Despite just a little dusting (.9"), schools in Mecklenburg are out for the second day. When you work from home, well, the commute doesn't really matter. So, we're still open. And we've got a kettle of something warm on. And with 13° on the thermometer this morning, I'm kinda ready for spring.

Hope you guys down in Atlanta and Birmingham are getting your lives back together. Sorry y'all had to deal with that.


Lock it up.

For Christmas this year I got the best gift I can imagine: a Betjemann Tantalus decanter set.

The locking set has been in my wife's family since her grandfather bought them as a wedding gift for his wife when they were wed. Something to the tune of 63 years ago and the set was an antique even then.

Legend has it that the locking decanters, which debuted in 1881, were invented by George Betjemann to keep the butler out of his stash of spirits. While that might be true or not, I do know that I'm going to cherish these things just as much as the butler loathed them.


What we're looking at now.

Got some more @buffalo_jackson prints in. Will be back on the site tomorrow. #ramblings

At Home in Guam.

"We are really enjoying our prints! It is so nice to have little reminders of home while we are so far away. Enjoy your weekend! Roll Tide!"


A couple of shirts.

Point 1:
Somebody this morning sent an email asking if we'd make a shirt for the Triad of NC. Of could I obliged.

Point 2:
Then I started thinking that we could also make one for the Triangle that could play double duty for the Triad.

Point 3:
Here they are. Shirts for the Triad and the Triangle.


Look Up To Lookout!

Good Monday morning to y'all.

Today we've got up the print we printed this summer down in Chattanooga. It was designed for the Crafted By Southern Hands show at Warehouse Row. If you didn't come (you didn't come?) you can see a few snaps of that night right here.

The print is called Look Up and you can find her here: Look Up. I was stoked to design this one. A tribute to that beautiful mountain and the gem of the valley below.

She's a little different than the rest of our type ones, in that we used linoleum carvings rather than type, based on what we had available down in Chatt Town. But she is just as loved as all our other ones, and maybe even a little more. I mean, the Chattanooga print was made in Chattanooga. Super cool. Very special thanks to the kind folks at The Open Press for the use of their Vandercook and the steady hands of their staff and volunteers.

You should swing by and see those folks next time you are down in Chattanooga. Tell 'em we sent you.


King for a day.

He was trending before trending was even a thing. Happy birthday, Elvis.

At Home in Louisville.

"I just wanted to share a picture of your "Honeysuckle Lightning Bugs" print hanging in my newborn son's nursery. [He] is our fourth child, so needless to say, his room is a hodgepodge of borrowed goods and hand-me-down furniture. But a coat of fresh paint goes a long way. As does some new artwork for the walls. That's where you came in. The print helped make this Kentucky boy's nursery the perfect balance of preppy, Southern, and summertime--three of my favorite feels."


B Ceeing U

Not sure is this is image PC or not, but whatever. So long BCS. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Down to the Buffalo.

I'm ashamed it say it took me almost ninety days to get down to Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. It's only about seven miles from the house, but it is seven miles in the opposite direction of work. Seven miles down to the picturesque center of Matthews. Which is where Xan Hood, the founder, and his family headed back to after years spent out West.

Well, I'm not telling you anything that you can't see from the pictures, but that place is inspiring. Xan had done a self funded build out of the place, selling bow ties with funds earmarked for the floor. For the paint. For the buffalo. He got folks to feel like they were a part of the Buffalo Jackson. Which made a giant leap, I'd say, in moving from the internet to a place with real bricks and real mortar.

And man, was I excited to see the collaboration print we'd done up, too. 

At any rate, give it a look. And you you are ever around Matthews, NC, stop by 100 W. John St. Xan would love to see you.