Arkansas, last night.

It always breaks my heart when I turn on the television early in the morning and hear the anchor say 'We'll have to wait for the sunrise to tell the full extent of the damage.'

Looks like last night a big tornado ripped through OK and AR, taking at least 16 lives in one community north of Little Rock.

Well, we don't have to wait for the sunrise to do good. For today, any Arkansas print sold will result in $10 being sent to the Red Cross to help out those in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

If you'd like to bypass us and just send funds along directly, here's the link to the Arkansas Red Cross. And they could use prayers, too.


At Home.

She was from Texas. I was from Georgia. We fell in love and got married in Birmingham. That just about covers it.



Some snaps from the 39x43 Pop Up in Atlanta a few weeks back. We had a ball and our space couldn't have looked as baller without the help of Brick and Mortar. 

Big Props to him, to Jess from Shops Around Lenox, Clay from Clay + Bros. and Brian from Red's


 Above, Kirk of Tweeds, John of Oakleaf and Acorn and Clay of  Clay + Bros


Big in church.

Look! It's popular Christian recording artist Andy Cherry rocking one of our shirts this past weekend. We couldn't be more pumped about his mission or his threads.

Honorable mention goes to Luke Hill, who was rocking a Triangle shirt at Elevation Uptown (shirt not pictured due to sheer rocking out).


Boston Strong.

A year ago, two cowards tried to break our city. Instead, they united it. Thinking of y'all today.


Got to hand it to her.

Sweet of Hand Me Down Style to Mention us the other day. She's rocking our Triangle shirt and headed to the church house with mad style.


355 Days.

This Friday has me thinking of a year ago. Of the Marathon and of that beautiful morning and that terrible afternoon. Of the cloudless sky that went dark. Of the runners who still have't finished.

Of the first New England print we made and the $6000 we were able to send to the One Fund to help the victims. Thanks to y'all. Thanks to strangers lifting up strangers, actually and virtually. Hugging and crying and asking ourselves how hate can bully its way into love. It was a heavy time. A year later, seeing things like this, I still tear up.

We've got about 25 Patriots Day prints from our second printing. For each one we sell between now and marathon Monday, we're gonna send $25 to the One Fund. They are planning a second distribution this summer, and we still want to be there to help.

We got ten days. Let's send some love up to Boston.

Friday Quote.


At Home in Jackson.

One of our LVO prints making its home in the office of a Supreme Court justice in Jackson, MS.


Good to NC you.

Had coffee the other morning with a couple of rad souls who live here in CLT. They make beautiful pictures and beautiful music and they sure make our shirts look good. I'm thankful they reached out.


Sic print, bruh.

New Virginia print up this week.

It's called Sic Semper and it comes from the flag and the seal and we think it's just lovely.

Now, there's some history with this phrase, like any good phrase in the South. But let's lean more on the Brutus and less on the Booth and ignore them both, if you want and just go with the flag. That's safe, right?