What we're looking at now.

I cannot wait for y'all to see all the goodness we're releasing this summer. #ramblings

Work Socks. Play Socks.

The thing I love (one of them) about Old Try is the customers we get. Cause they are all over the board: from other small business owner's to celebs to soccer coaches for the little grunts. So, we'd messed up some guy's order and he got in touch and we fixed it up and then he said “Say, my father in law and I have a sock company if you'd ever like to do anything.”

Well of course I want to make some socks cause I think that would be just the coolest thing. So we partnered up with Dapper Classics out of Kentucky to make some socks at a North Carolina factory that is family owned and have been cranking them out for generations. Super limited run. Just 24 of each pair. Called Work & Play. Featuring our logo for the work and whiskey bottles for the play. 

They wrote up a little something on the collab that you can read here. And if you'd like to head over and grab some socks for Father's Day, there are a few pairs here.




A great artist from Athens, Georgia, Elaine Oye, sampled our Manners print in some paintings she did for a new restaurant in Birmingham. She'd found them on Pinterest, and when we talked, she said ‘They just look so old.’ I guess we're doing something right to be in there right next to the Bear in an Alabama establishment. Hizzuh.


Hugh / Huge

Like I always say, behind every James Beard winning chef there's an Old Try print. Just kidding. I've never said that.

But I was stoked to see that Hugh Acheson has a Wisdom, Justice & Moderation print at his place. We're tied, cause I've got a New Turn in The South at ours.


Bow'd Glory.

“Wearing a bow tie is a way of broadcasting an aggressive lack of concern for what other people think.” - Warren St John

We are really excited this morning to show you guys the new print we did with the fine fellows at Bowties and Boatshoes out of Annapolis.

She’s one huge celebration of the kind of man who would rock a bow and the country who won back-to-back World Wars.

If you head to the B&B site today, you can enter to win one.

Or if you'd just like to grab one without all the hubbub, get it here.


New Print // Motor City

Made a print for the guys who gave us the American way of life.

It's based off an old flag I'd seen in a big car enthusiast's garage. Word is it was a banner for a car show back in the 30s. And it happens to be the first print we've ever done on black paper. I think it came out great.

You can see it right here.


Take me out to the crowds.

Mitchell Bat Company was repping our shirt a couple of weeks back when he headed from Nashville to Atlanta for the Braves / Giants. Pumped that we could make it to the ballpark despite being tied up that day.


At home in Ocean Springs.

A good looking spread at Abode Design Shop in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Go give them a hug for us.

Sample time!

Morning guys.

So, we got in some sample pennants this weekend. We're doing a navy and a grey. They are Made in America on 100% felt. 

The greys came out great. The navy, less so in my book. The ink is a little mangy. Too mangy for me (see the HO below). Would most folks notice? Nope. But we ain't most folks. 

So, we're putting these guys on mad sale. 50% off. Only 5 of each design was made. 8.5" x 26.5". 

Grab you one right here while they last. Which might only be a couple of days.