Travel Safe.

We're sticking around New England this Christmas and not headed back home to NC. But if you are headed homeward, we wish you safe travels, light luggage, and plentiful drink.

Be well.


Reindeer prints.

Just a roundup of the last three year's Christmas prints. Which are super limited edition and never ever for sale. Just for free. The best way to get one is to either start carrying us in your store, or just be one of our number one customers. You know, easy stuff. And as long as we keep selling and y'all keep buying and Christmas keeps coming but once a year, we'll keep these babies coming out every 365 days. 


Walk gingerly.

I was walking yesterday past a storefront  in our neighborhood, and I saw some gingerbread house pieces. Nothing special. No big deal. I walked on.

That night when I passed back by, I was transfixed. Those pieces had been given life, and an entire gingerbread village had popped up. The kid in me just stared, wondering how amazing it must be to lived in this place with all my ginger friends. It was beautiful.

So, of course, I had to get home, grab my camera and then head back out to the brave the chilly night and grab some pictures. Because these houses transported me into the land of Christmas, and I think that's the whole point of these things, anyways. 

You know, other than to be eaten. 


What we're looking at now.

Commonwealth Avenue is properly decked. #ramblings

Southern leaving.

Just as we were taking off from Charlotte this summer, I had a shoot for Southern Living. They popped us in a little column about the gems of Charlotte. I'll stand by my picks that Buffalo Jackson, Charlotte Talks and the Sleepy Poet are great places in that town.

Oh, the irony of getting on the SL beat just as we disqualify ourselves from being in there much as we're New Englanders for the foreseeable future is great, I tell you.


Tis the Seasoning.

When it comes right down to it, I've got a pretty sweet day job as far as day jobs go.

And right before we left Charlotte, I filmed this Christmas spot (along with my agency, BooneOakley) for Bojangles. I think it came out great, and I couldn't be any more excited that we got Sufjan Stevens to license that track to us.

I've been having to sit on it for a few months, but now she's out for the whole world to see.


What we're looking at now.

There's a bakery across the street that is warming up the season. #ramblings


Atlanta Halls are Decked.

Dixie Delights’ house is up on the 12 Days of Christmas house tours. And she's got a lot of Old Try knocking around those walls. Go give it a look if you've got some time. I promise you, you'll end up in the Christmas spirit if you're not already.