Here comes Juno.

There's not a more beautiful place to ride out winter storms than our neighborhood. She's a beautiful place to be.


The Simple Sol.

We got some blog love recently from a Texas Rebel who was out visiting the expanses of West TX. It was great to see the Old Top doing its job on a real life ranch. Go give it a look.


He's a pro.

A story was recently published in Charlotte Magazine about Dr. Michael Bitzer. In the first couple of paragraphs they talked about the art on his walls. Unbeknownst to them, they were talking (and showing) us. Someone from CLT tipped us off by mailing a copy of the mag on up to Boston.

It's a great read if you care about politics in the Old North state. And a good look if you care about letterpress.


Drown 'Em Tide.

My game didn't end up as I'd've liked it too, though I'm still sticking with the Rebs. But today, I'm pulling for the home state. Roll Damn Tide.