At home in the District.

Could this entryway get any more welcoming? Wait, I see a dog now. No. There's no way it could get more welcoming.


Coastal Vibes.

A nice writeup on one of our stockists, Scout Southern Market, by Coastal Living magazine featured some of our prints on the wall. I ain't mad about sharing some digital ink with good folks like SSM. Also, I ain't mad thinking about the warmer days ahead. We've got like five feet of snow on these grounds now.

 Give it a read here.


The Marrying Type: An Old Try + Lucky Luxe Collaboration

We teamed up with one of the nation's finest wedding stationary designers to offer The Marrying Type.
She's printed on 100% cotton paper, comes with the state seal of your wedding state. Oh you wanna geek out more? We had old wood type set for the headlines and vintage furniture for the borders. We had slugs of type cast, linotype-molten-lava-style, for the smaller bits. And to finish it off, we debossed on press from a plate and a heavy hand. The bells and whistles? All of them in there. It can, hold onto your hats, be calligraphed and framed all from the same spot. 
I'm going to go ahead and say this is the perfect gift for your wedding day or in celebration of the first year, which just happens to be the paper anniversary. See what we did there? 
At any rate, we've been fans of LL for years as we share a alma mater (Hotty Toddy, hombres!) and a love for good clean design. We both love home. It was only a matter of time before we made this happen, and I couldn't be happier. So get over there and get you one and hang it where you'll remember that glorious day in that beautiful place. 
Available at the Lucky Luxe.



At home in Birmingham.

It's nice to see you in Birmingham, old friend.

Tobacco Road.

First up, I'm so glad I married into one of the greatest rivalries on the planet. Tonight is Duke / UNC, and like the book title says To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever. It will feel a little different knowing that the great Dean Smith isn't watching for the first time in many many years. But I be those guys are going to be ready to head to Cameron.

Second, I've been thinking of making a single argyle diamond for four years. Cause it looks so sweet on the side of those unis. And this is the year it happened. A simple print for a legendary team.

Get you one here.


What we're looking at now.

The DC flag is based on the Washington family crest. And this print is based on them both. Happy birthday, President Washington. #ramblings


At home in Louisville.

A good looking mantle in Kentucky with some prints and a little wooden piece inspired by the Line.



No matter who you love, what your race, what football team you pull for or what God you pray to, home is home. I'm thinking of mine today knowing that people are torn. But at the end of the day, we're all just folks, walking each other home. 


Heaven got a Tar Heel.

Last night we lost a giant. Dean Smith, long time coach of the UNC Tar Heels, passed. 

He will be remembered not only for his wins in the paint, but also for desegregating the basketball team and standing up for what was right and true in Chapel Hill. Hark the sound, Coach.


One GIF to rule them all.

Just remembering the good times tonight as we watch the Ole Miss / Auburn basketball game. You gotta love there's a reputable news source that broke this guy down in detail. Yeah, Marshall was an ass. But he was our ass.



Happy Signing Day friends. Here's a 1966 Norman Rockwell to power you though the day.

At home in The Big Apple.

Where some folks have double vision when it comes to home. Manhattan, NY