Go To Church.

This past Sunday, as I was sitting at home with a sick kid and not at church, I started to feel guilty. And there's nothing like guilt to remind you of a super creepy billboard on I-65 in South Alabama. So, how do you assuage that guilt? Why, you search for an image of that billboard and you make a shirt.

And you sell it right here. 

Might as well make a little money while sinning*, huh?

*For the record, I don't find skipping church a sin. But I'm sure a number of folks back home would like to take me up on that debate. 



Today is the Boston Marathon. We made a print in honor of it because Patriot's Day is one of our favorite days in New England.

Never mind today is 43°. And rainy. The human spirit still triumphs.

See the new print here. 


Friday Quote.

I'll probably regret saying this once Annie is old enough to read, but someone has to challenge the status quo.


At home in Athens.

A childhood friend's sister back in Alabama sent this over. Beautiful spot they've got there.


In Good Company.

Pretty excited that Southern Living blogged about our latest print. She is called Bourbon & Horses and would be a worthy snag as we only printed up a few and the Derby is right around the corner. And that news got us on the front page of SouthernLiving.com, so I'm stoked there.

Check the print out here.

And if you want to see our name is lights, you can read the Southern Living post right here.



We hope it has warmed up for y'all just in time for the Masters. They're calling for snow here tonight. Seriously.


T & Jeans.

I was so excited when this image popped up on the internet. It came from photographer Mary Stafford who set up the shot and had her hubby pull the trigger. And he nailed it.

Appalachia shirt available right here.