What we're looking at now.

There are a lot of new folks here, so I thought I'd take a second to properly introduce myself. My name is Micah. I'm from Alabama. I went to Ole Miss. I married a gal from North Carolina and therefore I've got a basketball school. We moved North, to Boston. We have a two year old daughter who will just about melt your heart. I love Jesus, though I spend way more time thinking about myself and my family than bringing his Kingdom to earth. I need to work on that. I love bourbon, and I spend way more time talking about that than I should. I occasionally over-imbibe. I need to work on that. I started Old Try because I always felt that I was a mutt from Alabama and the rest of the world saw us Southerners as slow and backwards and that there was a truth about home and a beauty about our part of the country that was misrepresented. I wanted to show how proud of her I was. That pride is checked when I see, from a distance, how hurtful she can be in her politics, her economic disparity, her misrepresentations of the Gospel of Grace. She can be strong, but she can be cruel. I feel that I'm a good representation of my home. There's a duality that battles against itself every day. I just try to win more of those battles than I lose. I'd love to hear about you. 📷: @misterximenez

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